Jajo LV – Wine Bar & Chef Restaurant

Jajo is a meticulously designed restaurant in the historical building that once housed Israel’s first winery, on a hill within the recently restored site of Sarona in Tel Aviv. Jajo is surrounded by terraces where grapes were grown a century and a half ago and occupies three floors and 350 square meters.

Events in Jajo
At Jajo Wine Bar, a wine bar & chef restaurant, Located in the new site “Sarona”, we arrange for you pleasant and precise events. At noon, when the restaurant is still closed, you can enjoy an event up to 250 guests. At evening, when the restaurant is open you can enjoy private events up to 40 guests. All of our events combine wines from our impressive wine list and a fixed menu selected for you from our menu composed by Chef Adi Levi.

Guided Wine Workshops
An institute of wine since the opening of Jajo Vino in Neve Tzedek, we are proud to have played a considerable role in developing this field in Tel-Aviv for over a decade. Take our guided trip into the captivating and intriguing world of wine. We tend to describe its vast range of tastes using sensations, flavours & associations while maintaining an eye to eye approach.

We invite our guests to share our passion for the combination of wine & food. Jajo’s professional staff delivers wine workshops for beginners & wine-enthusiasts, as well as professional wine courses in various levels and group sizes.

Meet the Chef

Our chef Adi Levi is responsible for delicious, classic Mediterranean-French dishes complemented by Jajo’s fine wine cellar. Levy created her own unique style which is influenced by Classic French cuisine with her personal interpretation.

Jajo’s Chef Adi Levi’s rich experience includes working in Meir Adoni’s Catit restaurant, one of Daniel Bulud’s New York restaurants, Joel Robuchon’s kitchen in Paris and the three Michelin-starred Aline in Chicago under Chef Grant Achatz.